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The Sea-Surgeon's Procedures and Tools

During the golden age of piracy (~1690 - 1725) the land surgeon's realm was primarily restricted to mechanical operations This page features articles about these operations and the tools the surgeon used to perform them.

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Surgical Procedures

Animal Wounds
Animal Bite & Sting Wounds
Bullet & Splinter Wounds
Bullet & Splinter Wounds
Eye Surgery
Eye Wounds
Finger & Toe Treatment
Finger and Toe Treatments
Fracture Treatment Button
Fracture Treatment
Head Surgery Button
Head Surgery
Luxation Article Button
Simple Wound Care
Simple Wound Care
Suture Button
Sutures and Suturing
Torso Wounds
Torso Wounds

Surgical Tools

Bullet Extraction Tools Button
Bullet Extraction
Cautery Tools
Cauterizing Tools
Woodall's Clyster Syringe Button
Clyster Syringe
Guillimeau's Dental Instruments Button
Dental Instruments
Dental Pelican Button
Dental Pelican
Wound Dressing Button
Head Surgery Tools Button
Head Surgery Tools
Leeches button
Portable Surgeon Kits
Portable Surgeon Kits
Guillimeau's Eye Instruments Button
Setons and Cauteries
Mission's surgical gear close up button
May '10 Instrument Close Ups
Surgical Table May 2011 Button
May 11 Instrument Info Links

Surgeon References and Related Material

Bibliography Button
Mission's Recommended Books Button
Recommended Books
Surgeon Links Button
Surgeon Reference Links