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The Pirate Surgeon's Goofy Event Journals

"Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music — the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people." -Henry Miller

Re-enacting (if done properly IMO) ends up being an absurd and disordered undertaking. There are those who try to impose order and structure on it, but that just makes it squirm and cry out in discomfort, throwing the feces of misery on those who would try too hard to cage it. I started keeping journals about my experiences as a re-enacting pirate surgeon for posterity at my very first event. (Well, for posterity and to amuse myself and anyone else with an odd sense of humor. Plus sea surgeons were actually required to keep journals, so this is historically-based. In a way...)

2014/2105 Events
Note: There are no 2015 Surgeon's Journals - the link takes you to the photos of the Pirate Surgeon's Journals Facebook page.

Put-in-Bay 14 Button
Put-in-Bay Pirate Fest

6/20-22, 2014, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Fort Taylor 2014 Button
Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion
12/5-7, 2014, Key West
Put-in-Bay 2015 Button
Put-in-Bay Pirate Fest

6/19-21, 2015, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Fort Rodman Button
Fort Rodman Pyrate Invasion
7/10-12, 2015, Mass.

2013 Events

UK Trip Button
Conwy Pirate Weekend
May, Wales, UK
Put-in-Bay Pirate Fest Button
Put-in-Bay Pirate Fest

6/28-7/1, Ohio
Eastport Pirate Festival Button
Eastport Pirate Festival

9/7-9, Eastport, ME
Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion Button
Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion
12/6-8, Key West

2012 Events

Columbus Spring 2012 ButtonPirate Weekend, OH
5/19-20, Columbus
Put-in-Bay 2012 Pirate FestPirate Fest, Put-in-Bay
6/22-24, Ohio
Michigan Pirate Festival Mich Pirate Festival
8/10-12, Grand Haven
Santa Maria TLAP Day ButtonPirate Weekend, OH
9/15-16, Columbus
FTPI 12 ButtonFort Taylor Pyrate Invasion
11/30-12/2, Key West

2011 Events

Pirate Weekend, Columbus May 2011 Pirate Weekend, OH
Put-in-Bay 2011 Surgeon's Journal button Pirate Fest, Put-in-Bay
Brigand's Grove button Brigand's Grove, IN
Columbus Santa Maria Pirate Weekend 9/11 Button Pirate Weekend, OH
Key West Pirate events 2011 Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion

2010 Events

Searles, St. Augustine 2010
Searle's Raid, St. Augustine
Pirate Weekend, Columbus
Pirate Weekend, Santa Maria
Pirate Fest, Put-in-Bay 2010
Pirate Fest, Put-in-Bay, OH
The Lockhouse, Havre de Grace 2010
Lockhouse, Havre de Grace
Paynetown, Indiana 2010
Pirates of Paynetown, IN
Talk Like a Pirate Day, Columbus 2010
Talk Like a Pirate Day, Columbus
Pirates in Paradise, Key West 2010
Pirates in Paradise, Key West

2009 Events

Pirates of Paynetown
Pirate of Paynetown, IN
Talk Like a Pirate Day Columbus
Talk Like a Pirate Day, Columbus
Pirates in Paradise 2009
Pirates in Paradise, Key West

2007 and 2008 Events

Pirates in Paradise 2007
Pirates in Paradise, Key West
Blackbeard Pirate Festival
Blackbeard Pirate Festival
Pirate Weekend on the Santa Maria
Pirate Weekend, Santa Maria
Pirates in Paradise 2008
Pirates in Paradise, Key West